The REAL Program


Redwood Environmental Academy and Leadership

The REAL program at Redwood High School focuses on teaching students academic and leadership skills through hands on service projects related to the environment. Students play an important role in developing and maintaining this program. The program has partnered with the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve team, Hidden Villa, Youth Leadership Institute, Prometheus Family Support and Stanford University to give students a chance to see ecologists at work firsthand, build their leadership and advocacy skills and learn how to be independent adults. Students participate in projects that help the community and the environment as well. This year we are working on a variety of projects such as rebuilding the garden on campus, setting up a small business to sell vegetables at the Farmers  Market and learning about the watershed through a creek restoration project.


REAL is a hands on service learning program where students learn to take care of the environment and their communities while earning academic credit.

Left: students getting ready for the ropes course, left from top to bottom: students on a discover the bay boat trip, students mulching the garden, students designing the school t-shirt, students at Hidden Villa Farm to Feast.